Singing up for Analights

Our client found us through Google search and signed up for the smallest pricing plan, which start at €199/month.

1st day

Implementing tracking codes

The client's webmaster implemented tracking codes through Google Tag Manager in one hour.

3rd day

Invoice payment

The client paid invoice and we received the money in two days.

4th day

Start tracking

6th day from sign up, the tracking already started! Our client decided that, the conversion code will contain only revenue value.

6th day

Data connection with the client's CRM

Analights were connected with the client's CRM. Client sending information about order, if it was actually paid or not.

12th day

Collecting a statistically significant sample of data

The client decided to collect data without any modifications of campaign management.

34th day

The first change in campaigns management, based on multichannel reports

The client decided to slightly change budget distribution between channels and also roles of each channel in conversion path.

35th day

Reporting & modifying online marketing strategy

Our client never tracked multichannel impact on their business before. After first change in their digital marketing strategy, their ROI grew by 31%.

The client also performs other changes in their strategy.

51th day

Complete redesign of their online communication & pricing plan upgrade

Based on the new findings, our client decided to completely revamp its marketing strategy.

The client has upgraded its pricing plan, to be able to send more parameters into the Analights system. So they are able of segmenting individual conversion. The upgrade also enabled tracking more users and far detailed CRM connection.

60th day

Reporting & management of online marketing communications

After nearly three months since the beginning of cooperation, our client was able to increase their ROI by 83%.

82th day
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