We have a clear vision for Analights: Do what we love, build tools without compromises and always seek perfection and simplicity. Our tool help companies fulfill their mission and our clients' satisfaction is our number one priority. To make sure that our tool deliver the desired output and maximum benefit value, we work in close contact with our clients and develop tailored functionalities to address their specific needs. Contact us!
  • Luboš Květ
    Luboš Květ
    Founder, Frontend & JavaScript Developer
    Trying to do, what he loves. Pixel and vector enthusiast.
  • Jakub Motyčka
    Jakub Motyčka
    Founder, Ruby & Angular Developer
    True code hero. Never speaks, text is the only acceptable form of communication.
  • Jiří Neliba
    Jiří Neliba
    Backend Developer
    Codes through the day and night. Nothing is a problem.

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