Multichannel tracking docs

How do I implement multichannel tracking?
Multichannel tracking is composed out of 3 types of codes.
  • A. Main code
    - put this code into <head> or <body> tag on every page of your website
    - make sure that, this code ALWAYS loaded before Conversion code
    - replace the "1234567890ABCD" with your tracking ID <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
    if (typeof AnalightsTracker !== 'undefined') {
    var analightsTr=new AnalightsTracker("1234567890ABCD","");
  • B. Conversion code
    - put this code into <head> or <body> tag on conversion page
    - this code MUST be loaded AFTER the Main code
    - all parameters are optional
    - do NOT change names of parameters 'id' and 'revenue' (when you are using them)
    - names of other parameters could be random
    - number of parameters you can add, is limited by your pricing plan
    - if you dont use parameters just keep the line like this: analightsTr.trackConversion({}); <script>
    if (analightsTr) {
  • C. Postview
    - put this code into an advertisement
    - you can add utm parameters at the and of the string
    - utm_source parameter is mandatory!
    - replace the "1234567890ABCD" with your tracking ID
    - IMPORTANT: if you are using tracking code outside of DCM use C2 tracking code

    C1. <img width="1" height="1" src="" style="display:none"/>
    C2. <img width="1" height="1" src="" style="display:none"/>
How much will I pay for the multichannel tracking tool?
Here at Analights we want to make sure, that our tool can be available for everyone. Whether you're a small business or a large conglomerate, we have a pricing plan for you. Starting just for €199/month.

If you want to know more, just let us know through the contact form or sign up to get a Multichannel tracking tool now.
What are the servercalls?
Servercalls are calculated as the sum website sessions + number of conversion.
Can I track postviews / post-impressions?
Yes, you can! We have special tracking code only for this purpose. You can also put any kind of UTM parameters to it.
Can I set delay for tracking postviews / post-impressions?
Yes, it is possible! We all have different kind of targetting and campaign, so It is very important to set up the time between seeing the ad and visiting the website. You can set up from 15 minutes up to 7 days of delay.
Can I track more types of conversion?
Yes. You can add any type of parameter into your conversion code (including revenue). Afterwards this parameter will appear in Analights system.
Can I connect my CRM with Analights?
Yes, you can. You can automatically import any kind of parameter from your system and pair it with Analights data.
How can I see postviews in reports?
Any postview have a special "eye icon" right next to the name of the source / medium etc. You can setup UTM parameters for postview tracking. Any report can be filtered by UTM parameters on postview, visit or both at the same time.
Can I update values that I sent in conversion code?
Yes, you can via CRM connectivity. Just make sure that the name of parameter in conversion code its same as name of column in csv.

Warning: By updating values described above, you are using 2 slot of your Analights plan limitations. One slot as a conversion parameter and one slot as a CRM parameter, but in system will be still shown as one updated value.
Linking parameter with CRM
Data will be paired via "id" parameter used in conversion code and via "id" column in csv file.

Note: "id" parameter is NOT counted into the plan limitation.
Facebook postview tracking
Currently, we are in the certification process with Facebook. Therefore, measurement postview Facebook is not possible at this moment. More news coming up. For more information hit us on email or use the contact form.

Analights FAQ

Can I subscribe for news somewhere?
Yes! You can subscribe to our , like us on Facebook or follow on Twitter @analightscom.
What pricing model do we use?
We use monthly-based subscription pricing model. After you register and order a service, we'll send you an email with payment information. Meanwhile, you can implement tracking codes on your site. After we receive payment from you, the service is enabled. From this day, the subscription period started.
Next months is need to pay in advance, before the prepaid period expires.

If we don't receive your payment in 5 work days after end of subscription period, the service will be paused.

If we don't receive your payment in 10 work days after end of subscription period, the service will be deleted with all collected data.

Read more in Terms and conditions
Is Analights payer of tax (VAT)?
No, it's not. For more details about billing, please contact us.
What are your experiences?
Analights multichannel tracking tool is being design and developed by our team, with many years of experience. Tool is built on the foundation of website analytics, mathematics, marketing and primarily on the real needs of companies.

Check out our team.