Multichannel tracking analyze website traffic across all channels and campaigns. Analights offers data-driven insights for effective management of your online strategy. Key features and capabilities of this solution are:

Attribution modeling

Optimize your strategy based on revenue, CPA or ROAS or your own metric. Choose from models like last click, first click, linear, time decay, U shaped, last paid, data-driven and more.

Independent of other tracking systems

No matter if you using Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst, Webtrekk or any other tracking system, we've got you covered! Analights it's completely self-sufficient and lightweight at the same time.

Costs optimization

Optimize your costs for each of the conversion paths. Discover new cheap paths and reinforce existing one that works nicely.

Postview tracking

Track the influence of every ad impression from your display campaign. You can easily setup the delay between ad impression and website visit, from 15 minutes up to 7 days.

CRM connection

Import any kind of parameter from your system automatically and pair it with Analights data.

Multiple types of conversions

Add any type of parameter, such as revenue, age etc., into your conversion code. Afterwards this parameter will appear in Analights system.

Reports overview

Multichannel attribution
Attribution modeling
  • optimize your strategy based on revenue, CPA, ROAS or your own metric
  • attribution reports are design to give exact number on each level
    (medium, source/medium or any given utm parameter)
  • choose from standard model: last click, first click, linear, time decay,
    U shaped, last paid, last paid interaction, data-driven and compare to each other
  • we do also support custom attribution models on demand
  • data-driven model is based on Shapley value in game theory

Multichannel flow
Order of channels in conversion/non-conversion paths
  • find out which channels and campaigns contributes the most to convesion
  • discover conversion and non-conversion paths
  • filter different kind of paths with various attributes
  • optimize your costs and discover cheapest paths
  • connect with your CRM
Multichannel roles
Roles of channels in the conversion path
  • discover role of every channel/campaign throughout the convesion path
  • find out which channel works the best as a introducer to your website
  • ascertain the channels or campaigns which affect the buying process
  • learn which channel or campaign convince visitors to do what you want
  • find out conversion couples (introducer+closer)
Multichannel influences
Interaction of channels in the conversion path
  • learn how each channel affects the other channels
  • discover what are the best combinations of channels and campaigns
  • ideal for cost control report

Multichannel timelines
Time till conversion in path
  • learn how much time does your customer need in order to finish a conversion
  • find out the dependence between the revenue and the time to conversion

Multichannel distances
Length of conversion path
  • discover how much time does your customer need in order to finish a conversion
  • find out the dependence between the revenue and the multichannel path length
  • learn what is your cheapest conversion path
  • ideal for cost optimization of marketing activities

Multichannel campaigns
Campaigns performance
  • find out the best performing campaigns across multichannel
  • discover trend of each campaign
  • quick report for conversion and revenue per campaign

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