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  • Finally a tool that can track the whole customer journey from the first impression to real offline conversion. It is something that is not possible in current tracking solutions such as Google Analytics or DoubleClick and is available only in much more costly tools (such as Google Analytics Premium). This helps me and my clients calculate the real ROI and shows them how to allocate budget more effectively.
    Jakub Drahokoupil Web Analytics, Digital Strategy, Data Driven Marketing.
  • Analights provides crucial data insights for managing and optimizing online campaigns. If you serious about online marketing, multichannel tracking tool is a must have for you.
    Pavel Večeřa Digital Analyst [UPC, E-commerce holding]
  • I've been using many analytics tools past years, but none of them can really do what our clients need it. Of course there are lot of excellent tools, but there are very pricey. That's why we built Analights - multichannel tracking without compromises affordable for everyone.
    Luboš Květ Co-Founder of Analights, Web Analytics Developer