Analights architecture and security

Analights architecture
Accessing and writing data
Analights is built on one of the biggest VPS solution providers: Linode (more details about Linode security). All our servers are accessible only via secure https protocol with RSA 2048 bits encryption key. This certificate is rated as A+.

There are two ways how to send data into the Analights:
  1. Write data (data from client website, post-view data)
  2. Import data (CRM and costs data)
We use data queues for maximum efficiency and load of VPS. That allow us to receive millions of hits per hour with maximum precision within writing process.

There are two ways how to access the data from Analights:
  1. Read data (accesible from the website
  2. Export data (data is being exported via website)
If the client does not specify otherwise, we use data storage in the EU.
Analights uses uptime robot service to monitor and prevent unexpected situation while providing service. In combination with Eye monitoring tool installed right into the core of our application, we are able to automatically maintain optimal load of each server.
Data backup
Databases are backed by automatic snapshot functionality (more at:
Service stability
Linode provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee on all Linode hardware, and on network connectivity (more at:
SSL certificate
All read and write access to Analights is via HTTPS protocol. SSL SSL